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2017 Picture of project collection activity

Release Date:2017-09-18

After 10 years development since 2007 , we HLLED stick to “ Excellent quality and first-rate service “, and put our all heart into every product we made , and serve attentively to each customer . Now , products from HLLED are been used worldwide . Here we’d like to collect excellent pictures of projects . Welcome active participation and get the awards .

1. Activity Introduction

① Time of solicitation: since now to 18:00, 31st OCT(Beijing time).

② Range of solicitation: practical application Photos that used products from HLLED .

③ Way of submission: please name the project case as folder name , and send to before deadline, or email the sales you contact .

④ Date of publication: 15th, November. We will publish the reward information in the company official website and QQ group of company first time, and send prizes to prize-winner with express way.

2. Awards setting

① Special Award (1 person): Chinese art worth USD1000.

② First prize (1 person): Chinese art worth USD600.

③ Second prize (2 person): Chinese art worth USD300.

④ Third prize (10 person): Chinese art worth USD100.

3. Requirements of the photos

        ① Uniform format of works employs JPG format, and every image storage is no less than 1M.
        ② Using Helian electronics products as project case, and provide more than 3 images of every case with different angles.
        ③ Each case should indicate the name of the case , where the case is , which product of HLLED used in this case , shooting time , and who take the photos .
        ④ Every customer’s project work could be multiple groups, 5 groups at most.
        ⑤ All works must be real and effective, and no falsification; qualification will be canceled when falsification is verified.
4. Rules of appraisal

We will conforming to the principles of openness , fairness and justice , According to the requirements of lighting , difficulty of implementation , appreciate beauty an art , creative innovation of the photos, and then we will cast final vote and judge in all-round way .