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LED Aluminum Profile will Help Development at Faster Pace

Release Date:2018-05-11

From the scorching LED lighting lamps and the present situation of the market, it is easy to see not LED lighting g lamps industry after industry will have the high speed development of period. Form from abroad to see, at present the first field is in the popularization of 2, 3 two, but LED street light this even foreigners are very cautious. So I think that blind do LED street lamp boss is likely to become a “revolutionary pioneers”, and the other two market will foster a lot of industry instead “leading” power.

At present in our country is one of the hottest LED aluminum profile lamps, the ministry of science and technology in ten cities all the push of lamp, with amazing enthusiasm in advance, a lot of people are tied into this market, look up lighting area is the first. Now the country’s 21 pilot city, is expected to 1 million light, the ministry of science and technology plan official reply 50 cities next year, is expected to 2 million light. But the overall product maturity is anxious; Also may be the first been lighting area of a market do bad, have a repeat of the LED fence light with the initial suspicion, whether bubble has been more serious? Although very prosperity, very lively, can be expected after the government take money, finally after two or three years cultivate a group of good LED out of the photoelectric technology company, perhaps this is the aim of the government eventually.

LED similar T8 tube application, from the current market products to see, there have been close to commercialization product, I think is the first of a promotion can be mature market. At present to do the parking lot, stores and advertising backlighting market; And with at present the cost of product and price has basic close to commercial application neighbouring points (150). A good product, no matter in optical, heat dissipation, and power supply processing have relatively mature scheme. The product is the most close to commercialization. Of course, the markets still there are a lot of low quality products. This is the biggest challenge. As the U.S. energy star and related eu standards come on stage, believe that above problems will be great change, that is, T8-LED commercial promotion also will begin. At present, from wal-mart has set up a file in the global start with T8-LED to replace conventional in fluorescent tubes can see that the segmentation field of hope has is imminent.

LED lamp cup, should speaking, light cup LED aluminum profile or LED lighting is one of the first one of the areas, has been the main is products are not mature enough, so it is difficult to large scale application. From some of the die casting, to now, but the real extruded aluminum profile can solve the heat and power supply products haven’t seen, that is, so far anyone can commercialization application product solutions. Although LED cost itself has declined dramatically, but the market has been no big improvement. Recently also have seen some reports Toshiba has launched foreign can be some light cup heat and power to solve the product, if so, I think light cup market should be will follow T8-LED, and soon thereafter up. Also LED the first have hope to do a big one of the areas.