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Suspended Mounted HL-BAPL056

Suspended Mounted HL-BAPL056
  • Installation range:

    1), embedded in the cupboard lighting

    2), recessed storage shelves lighting

    3), furniture, lighting

    4), exhibition lighting

    5), the local interior lighting, etc.


    1), specifically for mounted light strip design

    2) aluminum profiles can achieve better cooling effect

    3), high-quality aluminum profiles and more to bring the light of the high-grade

    4) to provide three kinds of mask: white cover and transparent cover plus translucent cover

    5), can be embedded in the installation and suspension mounting

  • Technical Parameters


    Type: Aluminum 6063

    Size: L * W20.32 * H19.37mm

    product is compatible strip width: max16.5mm

    Installation cover: PMMA into the buckle

    Package: According to customer demand

    Length: 1m , 2m, 3m (other lengths can be customized)

    housing material: PMMA / PC

    source: 3528,5050,5630,2835,5730 and other LED Strip